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Segway-Ninebot - GT2P SuperScooter

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The Ultimate Crossover of Kickscooters! This high-performance, high-tech model will definitely have you turning heads! The GT2P opens kickscooters up to the world of adrenaline sports. A cyberpunk design concept and aviation-grade aluminium structure can handle up to 150kg, reaching a top speed of 70km/h with a 90km range, making this model the most powerful and advanced Kickscooter ever launched.

Challenge Yourself Off-road in Total Safety
Safety is no issue with front and rear disc brakes on the 28cm self-healing tubeless pneumatic tyres (with jelly layer). The two independent brakes are controlled by a single level: the rear wheel has Electronic Anti-lock Braking System (E-ABS); and the front wheel has a disc brake, combined with the front and rear dual-arm suspension system (similar to the front suspension used in supercars) bringing you more stability and safety on the track. The self-healing tyres offer lower puncture risk and wide treads, offering more stability, heavy usage and better durability on any surface.

The front light comes in a brilliant, non-dazzling 9W LED as well as LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) during your ride: they are designed to make your vehicle more visible in bright and daytime conditions. In addition to the lights, the GT Series are the first to come with front and rear built-in indicators. There are also certified reflectors on the front, rear, and side to keep you safe and seen in low-light conditions. And last but not least, express yourself with personalized ambient lights on the rear.

More Features, More Possibilities
The GT2P features a full colour AND transparent PM OLED dashboard display, a very first on kickscooters, giving you all the information you need at a glance. It also comes with anti-theft so you never have to worry about losing your GT2P. Explore tough terrain with front or combined front and rear-wheel drive. The dual motors and 6000W max power allow more athletic handling, tackling 30% inclines with ease, and more adrenaline-packed fun. Equipped with 3 riding modes (Eco, Standard, and Sport) as well as Walk and Park mode. But most exciting is the unique BOOST MODE, which can take you from zero to 48km/h in just 3.9 seconds! Dual suspension, the adjustable damper, and Segway Dynamic Traction Control (STDC) allow you to take on any terrain.

*This product can only be used on racetracks and/or private property. Please follow the local regulations



  • Recommended Age: 14+ Years
  • Maximum Range: Up to 90KM
  • Top speed: 70Km/H
  • Max Rider Weight: 150 kg
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: 1512Wh (30Ah)
  • Charging time: Up to 16 hours (single charge); up to 8 hours (dual charge)
  • Motor: Hub motor
  • Motor position: Dual Motor
  • Motor Power (Rated): 1500W x2
  • Motor Power (Max output): 3000W x2
  • Hill grade: 30%
  • Wheels: ubeless Pneumatic with jelly layer (self-healing tyres)
  • Wheel Size: 27.9cm
  • Wheel Type: Tubeless Pneumatic with jelly layer (self-healing tyres)
  • IP Rating:
  • Brake system: Disc brakes (front and rear)
  • Regenerative braking: Disc brakes (front and rear)
  • Bell: electronic horn
  • Net Product Weight: 52.6 kg
  • Dimensions (Unfolded): 148.5 x 65.6 x 86cm
  • Dimensions (folded): 148.5 x 65.6 x 130.8cm
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Display:Digital with Transparent PM OLED Bell: Yes, electronic horn
  • Lights: Front LED (9W high power), DRL (Day Running Light), Rear LED lights, Front/rear indicators, as well as front, rear and side E-MARK reflectors
  • Riding modes: Eco, Sport, Race, Boost ride modes, plus Walk and Parking mode
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • App: Yes
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Other Features:

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