Fleet Management

Safety and security is our focus.

We searched near and far to secure a platform that not only is customized for the South African market but one that is secure and allows for scale.

A multi-network SIM, combined with our 4G Cloud ECU, offers seamless real-time connectivity to a wide variety of vehicle data.

Rent A Little or A Lot

The only minimum is 1.
Whether you a looking to rent 1 scooter or a fleet, GO Fleet rentals have a range of options for you to select. We also have solutions for daily, weekly and long-term rentals.


Rent. Explore. GO.

It’s no coincidence that the rental of electric scooters is experiencing a spectacular boom in recent years. In order to find a solution for urban mobility and climate change, now more and more people are selecting this mode of transport. Together with the electric bicycle, it constitutes a unique and ideal way to get around.

  • Basics

    Status monitoring
    Batch operation
    Group management

  • Trips

    Trip details
    Data statistics
    Trip history

  • Geo-Fence

    Regional Planning
    Prohibition planning
    Return plan

  • Battery Tracking

    Battery status view
    Reporting battery theft
    Tracking record query

  • Notification

    Abnormal events
    Important alerts

  • User

    Account management
    Account authorization
    User feedback management

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