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What is an electric vehicle and why should I buy one?

Electric scooters and bikes are the latest development in urban mobility. They allow you to zip through traffic quickly and efficiently, without breaking a sweat. 

There are a ton of benefits of joining the hype of e-mobility:

• Getting all the health benefits of riding a scooter or bike, but with a bit of assistance.
• It’s far more ecologically friendly than taking a car to work and reduces your reliance on public transport.
• It’s also cheaper than any other form of transport. 
• An electric scooter is a great equalizer and allows people of different levels of fitness to enjoy a ride together.

Does the electric scooters and bikes require assembly?

In most cases there is a small amount of assembly required for both e-scooters and e-bikes.

An e-bike may need its handlebars straightened, pedals fitted, and seatpost setting to the right height. All our products come with simple instructions inside the box. If you would like us to assemble the product for you, please let us know and we can arrange that for you

How often should an electric scooter be serviced?

How often you need to service your e-scooter will depend on how often you use it. 

If you are using your e-scooter every day we recommend checking it over once a week. Ensure that the tyre pressures are correct, there are no signs of excess wear and tear on key components and that all screws and bolts are securely fastened according to any instructions. 

Can an electric scooter or electric bike be left on charge overnight?

Yes, all the e-scooters and e-bikes that we sell have an automatic cut off in the battery management system that will stop charging when the battery is full. We recommend keeping your battery charged up at every opportunity.

Regular charging is better for overall battery health and will help to increase the lifespan of the battery..

Can the battery be removed for charging?

On most e-bikes, you are able to remove the battery for easier charging. Some now feature integrated batteries which are not removeable, but this will be called out on the product page on our site, and they are designed to be charged in-situ.

On most e-scooters, the battery is not removeable. Please consult the manual of your e-scooter model to see if the battery can be removed..

How long does an electric scooter or bike take to charge?

The charge time on your e-scooter or e-bike will vary based on the size of the battery and power of the charger. In most cases it is between 3-8 hours, from zero charge.

For estimated product-specific charge times, consult the user manual or the product page

How long does an e-scooter or e-bike battery last?

For everyday battery life: This strongly depends on the capacity of the battery, as well as other factors such as the quality of the cells, the way they are used and maintained, and the conditions that they’re used in. Manufacturer claims are usually made assuming favourable or lab conditions, so it’s worth taking these with a pinch of salt.

For the life of the battery before it needs replacing: Most batteries in e-scooters and e-bikes are lithium ion-based. This is the same basic technology as used in contemporary phones and laptops. They have a long lifespan and do not suffer from ‘battery memory’.

As a guide, most lithium ion batteries will last for 1,000 charge cycles before you see a noticeable drop off in performance. This will change based on the manufacturer and quality of the cells in the battery, how you are using it and whether you are using good practices to extend the battery health.

How to unlock an electric scooter

For some e-scooters, a simple swipe right in the companion app can unlock it. If this does not resolve the issue, please remove the handlebars, disconnect the cable inside for 3-4 hours and then re-connect it. The e-scooter should then automatically unlock. *depending on model and brand

If you are still having difficulties after this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

How to kick start an electric scooter

In order to kick start your e-scooter, you’ll need to get some momentum first by pushing off the ground with your foot. Once rolling forwards, press the accelerator gently and the motor should start working to power you forwards.

What country plug / charger is included?

As standard, we make sure that all of our products sold within South Africa come with a SA three-pin plug. Some models have chargers that use 2 pin.

Electric bike losing power

We’re sorry to hear that you are encountering issues with your electric bike, if this is performance-related, please ensure your tyres are fully inflated to the correct tyre pressure and your battery is fully charged. If you are still encountering issues please contact us and arrange for an assessment.

Electric scooter range or speed reduction

Many e-scooters have an ‘eco’ mode that will significantly reduce the performance of the e-scooter, but save battery life in the process. Please check to see if your e-scooter is in this mode. If so, consult the user manual for details on how to change it to a more powerful setting.

If your e-scooter has air-filled tyres, please ensure that all tyres are inflated to the correct pressures. The pressures can often be found on the sidewall of the tyre or in the user manual.

If your e-scooter is continually going slow, there could be a fault, or the e-scooter may simply not be the right one for you.

NOTE: The NIU scooters will run in eco or slow mode for ± 2.5 km to run the scooter in. Thereafter you can start cranking up the speed.

Electric scooter battery drop

For example, if the e-scooter is running for prolonged periods, at high speed, up hills or at colder temperatures, you’re likely to see the battery cells drop. Once the battery has been rested, the cells should start to increase again.

Please rest assured, as long as the e-scooter has been charged to full capacity (where the light indicator on your charging unit has gone green) your e-scooter will continue to power to its full range.

If your e-scooter is underperforming, the most common reason will be due to having underinflated tyres. If the tyres are low and aren’t fully inflated, this causes the e-scooter to work much harder, which will inevitably cause your battery to drain faster. The required pressure can often be found on the sidewall of the tyre or in the user manual.

Where to find the stem bolts for an electric scooter?

If you’re struggling to locate the screws for your e-scooter, these are often kept in a small white bag taped to the e-scooter. It’s also worth checking the handlebar grips.

Flat tyres

Unfortunately, punctures can occur due to a number of factors, such as the surface of the road, sharp objects, use with incorrect/low tyre pressures, excess tyre wear and excess e-scooter load.

One of the best things you can do to avoid punctures is ensure the tyre pressures are regularly checked and maintained at the manufacturers recommended level. You can usually find the required pressures stamped on the sidewall of the tyres. Keeping them topped up will make it harder for sharp objects to enter the tyre, prevent pinch flats and allow puncture prevention fluid .

Alternatively, you can opt for puncture-proof tyres.

Grip is coming up on an electric scooter

In particularly high temperatures it is not uncommon for some grips to start to peel away, due to the type of adhesive the manufacturers use.

In most cases, simply pushing the grip back down and applying a firm pressure is enough to put it back to where it should be.

Alternatively, a small amount of glue is enough to help it stick. Doing this yourself will not void your warranty.

Problems with an e-scooter or e-bike?

We recommend that you take the product to one of our branches or head offices – from there, the workshop team can assess the item, hopefully diagnose the issue and look to resolve it quickly for you.

If you live too far from a branch or head office, or they are unable to diagnose and solve the problem, please email with details of the issue that you’re experiencing. Please include your order number in the subject of your email and any photos or videos that will help demonstrate the issue you are encountering.

If you’re outside the first 30 days since your purchase, we’ll help you to make a warranty claim for any manufacturing faults that may have arisen during your ownership.

Spare parts

We try to stock a large range of spare parts in our warehouse in Johannesburg and branches around the country. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stock parts for every model we sell however we will do our best to help you find the part required should we not have it in stock. If you’re after a specific part, please contact us.

Spare batteries

Unfortunately, we do not stock a huge range of spare batteries as the batteries have a life span and cannot stand for too long without being used and essentially the batteries die.

If you’re experiencing issues with the performance of your e-scooter battery, please contact us. We can always order new batteries.

Electric scooter is beeping

There are a number of reasons why your e-scooter could be beeping. To help us narrow down what the reason could be, we recommend connecting the e-scooter to the relevant app for your make and model.

In the app you may need to perform a firmware update or watch a short safety video to clear the beeping.

If there is an error or fault with your e-scooter, the main page of the app may display a pop-up of what is causing the beeps, or this may appear on your display.

If you can’t ascertain a cause for the beeps please email with details of the issue that you’re experiencing. Please include your order number in the subject of your email and any photos or videos of the error that will help demonstrate the issue you are encountering.

My electric scooter wont go ?

We often get queries from users saying that their scooter " doesn't work" or the scooter "won't go "

In most ( if not all ) cases, it's because the user has tried to push the accelerator from a standing start. You need to kick off to activate the throttle on the electric scooter.

1. Kick-off like you are starting a non-motorized kick scooter...give it a good push off with the foot

2. As you feel the scooter has started moving and has some momentum..

3. push down the throttle and this will engage the electric motor and the scooter will start riding

happy riding

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