Fleet Management

Safety and security is our focus.

We searched near and far to secure a platform that not only is customized for the South African market but one that is secure and allows for scale.

A multi-network SIM, combined with our 4G Cloud ECU, offers seamless real-time connectivity to a wide variety of vehicle data.

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Gaining business insight

Through our data analysis tool, our clients can better understand user demands, adjust their operation strategy, and improve fleet operation efficiency.

Improve management efficiency

Through our management system, our clients can monitor the fleet status such as vehicle locations, battery levels, health conditions, and other data.

  • Basics

    Status monitoring
    Batch operation
    Group management

  • Trips

    Trip details
    Data statistics
    Trip history

  • Geo-Fence

    Regional Planning
    Prohibition planning
    Return plan

  • Battery Tracking

    Battery status view
    Reporting battery theft
    Tracking record query

  • Notification

    Abnormal events
    Important alerts

  • User

    Account management
    Account authorization
    User feedback management

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